BMW 6HP & 8HP xHP Gearbox Tuning

Stage 1:
– Removed Torque Limits
– Added Gear Display in D-Mode

Stage 2
– Added Gear Display in D-Mode
– Removed 3rd and 6th Gear Torque Limit
– Raised Line-Pressure mapping for high-input torque – Reconfigured DEC Logic, with similar logic as in M-Cars (access to more shifting-modes)
– Even faster shifting in M/Sport+, absolutely instant paddle response
– Recalibrated Shift-Points in D & S Mode to improve throttle response
– No automatic upshifting in M/Sport+ setting
– Transmission keeps the current set mode when DSC is turned off
– Launch Control enabled (update of DSC, DME eventually necessary as well on some cars)
– Retains full ECO -Mode functionality including Coasting

Stage 3
Additionally to Stage 2:
Recalibrated S/Sport+ mode for Roll-Racing and Race-Track use. The transmission keeps the engine in the upper rev range all the time and shifts on the Race-Track like an experienced Racing
Driver. All other modes are unaffected and are 100% suiteable for daily use.

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